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What is your theological background?

As a child/youngster, I attended both Southern Baptist and United Methodist churches.  At the age of ten, I was attending a small Southern Baptist church and was baptized and attended Southern Baptist churches from then on.

I was interested in why there were different churches, so I began to study the history and belief systems of the various denominations 

I took some courses in college as well.  The more I studied, the more I came to believe that Southern Baptists embodied my personal beliefs better than any other denomination.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I have been performing wedding ceremonies since June 2, 1984, when I was the officiant at my Mother’s second marriage; she was 62 and the groom was 68.  What a blessing! 

What do you like BEST about weddings?

EVERYTHING!  I like the nervousness of both the bride and groom.  I like the excitement of everyone involved.  I like the beauty of the bride, regardless of what she wears, because her beauty comes from inside.  I like to see the commitment of the bride and groom as they are finally taking that last step before changing from a mere “couple” into a “married couple.”  I like working with the couple as they lay out how they want their wedding ceremony to look and flow.  I like the privilege of helping them realize that the vows they make to one another, they also make to God and it is He Who will help them make a successful marriage and home. 

What couples are saying about Brother Lloyd...

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"My fiancé and I were beyond thrilled when we met Brother Lloyd and we knew that he would be the perfect choice as the officiant for our wedding! Lloyd is such a warm, kind, and a truly genuine person. He went above and beyond. Whenever I had questions, he was easy to reach with very prompt responses. The ceremony was beautiful! Lloyd has a way with his words that come across as meaningful and heartfelt. I had many family members and friends approach me after to let me know it was one of the best ceremonies they had ever witnessed, with tons of love and inspiration. I was thrilled with the positive comments!  

Lloyd is as authentic as it comes and he truly cares about his clients. If you are looking for an officiant that is sweet, honest and sincere, Brother Lloyd is the officiant for you. Lloyd, thank you for everything! You made our day truly special and for that we are forever grateful. You cannot go wrong with The God Squad wedding Ministers and we are so happy that Brother Lloyd was able to share and make the biggest day of our life unforgettable!"

"Lloyd was a wonderful officiant! Such a pleasure to have him at the wedding. He made the whole ceremony stress free. I knew he was the right fit based on the other family weddings he had officiated. Thank you so much Lloyd and God Squad Ozarks!"

"Pastor Lloyd was a blessing to work with. He made things very easy for me, which was so nice in such a hectic time. I couldn't have asked for a better ceremony"


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